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Maintenance & Builds

I am a Cytech trained Technician and I offer a high quality, convenient service at a reasonable price.

All jobs are possible:

Basic servicing & safety checks

Repairs & replacements

Upgrades & re-builds

Complete build of your dream bike


I will collect your bike or you can deliver it to me at a mutually convenient time.  I don't work shop hours!


I am happy to give you a quote or just offer advice.  

Charges: £30 per hour and parts on a "pass through" basis.

I have full public liability insurance.


Wheel Building

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There is nothing quite like a pair of handbuilt wheels.....components of your meet your exact requirements.... assembled accurately and precisely.

We will discuss your needs, I will offer advice, suggestions and a quote.  When you are happy I will build a pair of very nice wheels.


I use a P&K Lie truing stand to ensure accuracy and precision and I will take the time to balance the spoke tensions so that you will have a pair of wheels which will be a joy to ride on for many, many miles.

I charge £30 per wheel and parts on a "pass through" basis.


My Work

Learn How to Properly Look After Your Bike/Reduce Wear and Tear and Upgrade Parts.

Here are some of the jobs I have done



I love to ride and I like my bikes to be working perfectly.  I will apply the same perfectionism to your bike to make it as good as it can be.

My background

I have been doing "mechanical stuff" for as long as I can remember: as a teenager, I helped my Dad fix his cars; as an adult I graduated to servicing my own motorbikes and cars.


In 2005 I sold the last of my motorbikes and became increasingly passionate about bikes and cycling.  I naturally continued to do my own maintenance and some work for friends.


I progressed onto completing the Cytech training (to Technician level - the picture below is the final day of the course) and increasing amounts of work for friends and colleagues. Redundancy has given me a new opportunity and I look forward to expanding my cycling business while keeping the passion and perfectionism.


Find & contact me

Based in the Surrey Hills near Leatherhead



Tel: 07979 706034

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